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Automatic database synchronization with a royalty-free .Net component


Making changes to the database structure is one of the most tedious and routine operations a developer of corporate applications faces to. The necessity of frequent updates considerably delays implementation of the project.

Existing tools solve this problem not to the full extent, as most cases demand manual work, installation of expensive software for the synchronization of databases on the client side as well as development of patches for every alteration in the database structure.

SQL Schema Sync API offers a new solution of this problem. First of all, it’s not an application; it is a component integrated directly into your application. This allows you not to install additional software on the client side and not to develop patches. Synchronization is performed by the component, it is just necessary to invoke the Update method with connection to the database. You can distribute the component within your application without any additional fees, regardless of the application type (WinForms, ASP.NET, Console, WPF, etc.). Database structure is saved as XML file and can be distributed in any form (file, resource, etc.).

It is possible to use Linq to Sql model as well as any other existing database schemas as initial database structure. A couple of lines of code are enough to create or update database. And the whole process from forming database object graph to executing DLL scripts is under the developer’s total control.

SQL Schema Sync API provides the ability to construct database structure programmatically (for example on the basis of business objects structure). Alterations in business objects will be automatically reflected in the database schema.

Thus, SQL Schema Sync API helps you reduce expenses for database deployment and exclude errors; it also prevents you from development routine. The use of the library doesn’t require training, as in most cases it is necessary to invoke only two methods: the Reverse method gets database structure on the developer side and the Update method synchronizes database on the client side. The reverse procedure can be performed by the CommandLine instrument in the project PreBuild event. So, building of the application is completely automated and the inclusion of a new database schema is guaranteed.

SQL Schema Sync API is an essential solution for the projects where database structure is completely defined by business objects structure. A designed procedure, forming database structure as objects graph based on metadata and business objects of your application subject to your task specific and used mapping tools, will solve the problem of database synchronization once for all.

SQL Schema Sync API is developed subject to requirements of DBAs and SQL developers. Visual tool included in the delivery package works in the wizard mode and is designed to save database snapshots, compare and synchronize two databases. User-friendly and intuitive interface provided to the developer helps him execute all operations in minutes. Thus, developers can synchronize databases directly from their application or via a standalone tool.

The product is developed for SQL Server 2005/2008, .Net Framework 2.0 and contains only managed code.

General Features

  • SQL Schema Sync API is integrated directly into your application.
  • Works with applications of any type: WinForms, WebForms, console applications, services, WPF applications.
  • Support for LINQ.
  • Synchronization with database of any type on the client side.
  • Ability to perform additional actions in case of sophisticated refactoring of database structure.
  • Ability to create database structure from application code, for example, on the basis of business objects.
  • Visual Wizard.
  • Developed for SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • CommandLine component and instrument are included.
  • Ability to save database schema as XML file.
  • Automatic definition of scripts performance order subject to relations between objects.
  • Supported objects: Schemes, Tables, Views, Functions and stored procedures, Triggers, DLL triggers, Assemblies, User-Defined types and CLR types, Indexes and XML indexes, XML schemes collections, Constraints, Users, roles and permissions, Extended properties.

Sql Schema Sync API is developed by Perpetuum Software LLC

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